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Heat Process Equipment Industry

Heat Process Equipment Industry have products like furnaces, ovens, heaters, kilns and melters for a wide variety of applications, including washing, cooking, sterilizing, drying, preheating of boiler feed water, process heating, and much more. Heat transfer processes are vital for the hygienic, nutritional and sensory quality of the food product.

In the Heat Process Equipment Industry, Heat exchangers control fluid temperatures in processing systems to meet requirements for filling operations, pasteurization, and food safety. Food, beverages, and pharmaceutical processing systems require the addition and removal of heat in order to function properly, and processes must be carefully controlled to maintain proper temperatures. In the food and beverage industry, heat exchangers diminish or eliminate microorganisms to make products safe for consumption and to prevent spoilage. Shell-and-tube exchangers are the most extensively used type of heat transfer equipment in the chemical processing industry (CPI) because of their flexibility in design and ability to handle fluids with varying levels of solids.

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