Applications of Soda Ash ( Sodium Carbonate)

Soda ash known as sodium carbonate is an odourless and white powder and have numerous applications:

  • Important raw material in the manufacture of glass, since it helps reduce silica’s melting point.
  • Washing soda, which is also an anhydrous substance, is generally used in soaps and washing detergents to improve their cleaning properties.
  • Dense soda ash is an anhydrous substance and important industrial chemical widely used in the manufacture of different products.
  • Light soda ash is widely used as a pH regulator/ buffering agent in multiple industrial processes.
  • Find applications in the manufacture of dyes and colouring agents, synthetic detergents and fertilizers. It’s also an important chemical agent used in enamelling and petroleum industries.
  • Used to improve and treat the alkalinity of lakes that have been affected by rain. 
  • Used to reduce the acidity of emissions being generated from a power plant.
  • Soda ash is replacing phosphates that were earlier being used in a number of household detergents and dishwashing soaps.
    • Used to remove or de-clarify phosphates and sulphur from a number of non-ferrous and ferrous ores.
    • Used in recycling of aluminium and zinc.

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