Advantages of Inorganic chemical fertilizers

Inorganic chemical fertilizers also known synthetic fertilizers are manufactured artificially and contains minerals or synthetic chemicals. Inorganic fertilizers provide the essential nutrients for growth, but where inorganic fertilizers deliver a rapid dose of nutrients. Inorganic fertilizers usually contain nutrients are in a form readily available to plants – generally nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, Sulphur and sometimes micronutrients, either singly or in combination.
Advantages of Inorganic chemical fertilizers
• Inorganic chemical fertilizers dissolve quickly and are immediately available to the plants.
• Provide essential nourishment in the form of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium.
• Knowing exactly which nutrients and in what quantities you are adding to the soil will ensure growing plants will have the correct nourishment they’ll need for healthy development.
• Easy-to-use formulations, which also makes them much easier to transport than organic fertilizers like manure.
• Inorganic fertilizer’s fast delivery of essential elements and minerals eliminates this slow growth potential problem.
• Precise content of nutrients is guaranteed as breakdown of the plant nutrients is provided as a percentage.
• Controlled-release inorganic fertilizers dispense plant nutrients over an extended period.
• Eliminating the need for repeated fertilizer applications throughout the growing season.
• Dry granular controlled-release inorganic fertilizers are a very cost-efficient option and provide complete nutrition and do not require repeated applications.
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