Author : Vinipul Inorganics Pvt. Ltd. | Published on : 08 Nov 2021

Can Zinc Chloride be customized to specific concentration levels for our needs?

Zinc Chloride is a versatile chemical essential in numerous industrial, pharmaceutical, and chemical processes. Recognising that different applications may require specific concentration levels, Vinipul Inorganics India Pvt. Ltd. offers customisation services to tailor Zinc Chloride solutions to meet unique client specifications.

Flexibility in Zinc Chloride Concentration

  1. Tailored Solutions
  • Industry-Specific Requirements: Whether for use in water treatment, as a catalyst in chemical synthesis, or in electrolytes for batteries, we can adjust the concentration of Zinc Chloride to match the specific needs of your application. This flexibility ensures optimal performance and efficiency in your operations.
  1. Custom Concentrations
  • Wide Range of Concentrations: We provide Zinc Chloride in various concentrations, from dilute aqueous solutions to highly concentrated forms. Our state-of-the-art facilities are equipped to produce and package these concentrations according to precise industry standards.

Benefits of Custom Zinc Chloride Solutions

  1. Enhanced Effectiveness
  • Optimized Performance: Custom concentrations of Zinc Chloride can enhance the effectiveness of the compound in your specific application. Correct concentration levels ensure that the chemical performs as expected, without the need for onsite adjustments.
  1. Cost Efficiency
  • Reduced Waste and Costs: By receiving Zinc Chloride tailored to the exact specifications required, you can reduce waste and related costs. This custom approach allows for more efficient use of chemicals and minimizes the need for additional processing.

Quality Assurance and Compliance

  1. Rigorous Quality Controls
  • Quality and Compliance: All customized Zinc Chloride solutions from Vinipul Inorganics undergo rigorous quality control processes to ensure they meet the specified concentration levels. Our products comply with relevant safety and environmental regulations, providing you with peace of mind regarding the quality and safety of your chemical supply.

Collaborative Process

  1. Collaborative Customisation Process
  • Client Engagement: We work closely with our clients to understand their specific requirements and provide consultations to determine the most appropriate Zinc Chloride solution. This collaborative approach ensures that the final product is precisely aligned with your operational needs.

Contact Vinipul Inorganics for Custom Solutions

For more information on customizing Zinc Chloride concentrations or to discuss your specific chemical requirements, please visit our website or contact our expert team. At Vinipul Inorganics India Pvt. Ltd., we are dedicated to providing tailored chemical solutions that enhance client satisfaction and operational success.


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