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Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industry has guaranteed effective drug manufacturing which helps in therapy, treatment and prevention of patient’s life. The pharmacy sector has evolved in producing medicines & drugs that improve quality of living as the number of health disorders on the global level are increasing day by day.

Pharmaceutical companies incessantly strive towards innovative new treatments and medicines that help people live longer and healthier lives. Pharmaceutical companies drive medical progress by researching, developing and bringing new medicines that improve health and quality of life for patients around the world, the pharmaceutical industry is a key asset to the global economy.

Uses of Inorganics chemicals in Pharmaceutical Industry

Inorganic compounds are used as catalysts, pigments, coatings, surfactants, medicines, fuels, and more. They often have high melting points and specific high or low electrical conductivity properties, which make them useful for specific purposes

Inorganic pharmaceuticals are useful in any of the following ways.

  • Pharmaceutical aids. Example: Dibasic calcium phosphate, talc etc.
  • For Therapeutic purposes for example Astringents (Aluminium citrate) and antimicrobials (Sodium benzoate) etc.
  • To acidify or alkalize body fluid. Example: Antacids, alkalis, mineral acids.
  • Replacing or replenishing the normal content of body fluids.  Example:  potassium, Sodium, calcium, chloride, phosphate etc.

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