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Updated: 28-May-2021 | Technical Team: Vinipul Inorganics Pvt. Ltd.
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Water Treatment Chemicals manufacturer, supplier, and exporter in India

Are you looking for finest quality Water Treatment Chemicals suppliers? Quick Delivery And Dispatch Available
Buy best price High-purity Water Treatment Chemicals - speciality chemicals at best price from Vinipul Inorganic Pvt. Ltd, Mumbai, India well known for accurate composition, impurity-free Water Treatment Chemicals using superior purity chemicals and the latest manufacturing equipment according to International Industry standards. At Vinipul Inorganic Pvt. Ltd, we offer Water Treatment Chemicals at precise pH value having accurate required composition and long shelf life.

Description of Water Treatment Chemicals:

Vinipul Inorganic Pvt. Ltd is manufacturing a range of water treatment chemicals for attaining better efficiency by keeping the surface of heat transfer scale and corrosion free. We at Vinipul Inorganic Pvt. Ltd, confirm that our customers across industries ranging from agriculture, healthcare, pharma, textiles, education, construction and many more, are repetitively supplied with the finest quality chemical products.

Vinipul Inorganic Pvt. Ltd's reputation has gone strength from strength as we have served thousands of clients of customers looking for the best quality water treatment chemicals. The chemicals offered by us help in treating wastewater by removing suspended solids, viruses, fungi, bacteria, algae, and minerals and thus making it fit for various usage. Our team of experts also make sure that the quantity, quality and the composition of the chemicals is checked thoroughly for accuracy and precision.

Water Treatment Chemicals offered by Vinipul Inorganic Pvt. Ltd:
  • HEDP ACID (56 HEDP 60% Liquid)
  • HEDP Disodium Salt 630
  • HEDP Disodium Salt 500
  • HEDP Disodium Salt 400
  • HEDP Disodium Salt 330
  • HEDP Disodium Salt 270
  • EDP Tetrasodium Salt 330

We have years of experience in sourcing and supplying wastewater treatment plant chemical products in Mumbai and all over India as per our client's requirement. Please get in touch with our team and we will assist you with all your queries.

Water Treatment Chemicals offered by Vinipul Inorganic Pvt. Ltd
Note: Looking for something specific? Customisation is Available within the above grades. Please specify in the Enquire now page.

For more detailed information about its chemical composition, physical properties, uses and applications or your exact chemical needs, call Vinipul Inorganic Pvt. Ltd at +91-932 223 1817 or submit enquiry form.

Applications/Uses of Water Treatment Chemicals

Water treatment chemicals are extensively used as strong chelating agents for metal ions like Ca, Mg & Fe in water treatment, textile, dye, soaps & detergents, sugar processing. Water treatment chemicals are excellent scale and corrosion inhibitors and are used in cooling water systems and industrial water treatment. Water treatment chemicals are widely used industrial detergents in Swimming pools.

Water treatment chemicals are used in metal surface treatment as corrosion inhibitors for steel. Water treatment chemicals are a widely used stabilizer in H2O2 solutions. Water treatment chemicals are widely used sequestering agents in textile auxiliaries. Water treatment chemicals are widely used detergent for metal and non-metal in light woven industries.

Water treatment chemicals are widely used as peroxide stabilizer and dye-fixing agents in the dyeing industry. Water treatment chemicals are used in water treatment processes and textile applications. Water treatment chemicals are used in sugar processing and dyes & pigments manufacturing.

Industries We Serve:
At Vinipul Inorganic Pvt. Ltd., we offer chemical products across Chemical Industries, Food Industry, Textile Industries, Rubber Industry, Colouring Industries, and Inorganic Chemical Sector across markets to several destinations across India. At Vinipul Inorganic Pvt. Ltd., we offer these products categories to companies in the sector of plastics, paints and printing inks, textile, wood, leather factories and paper mills across markets to several destinations including India and Indian Subcontinent, East Asia, South East Asia, and the Middle East.

Vinipul Inorganic Pvt. Ltd. is committed to customer fulfilment by delivering best quality chemical products at competitive market prices. Contact Vinipul Inorganic Pvt. Ltd.' experts for detailed information about your requirement to select the right chemicals for your application needs! Do you have any questions or need help with our services and products? Submit a request or Call us at +91-932 223 1817.

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