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Retarding Vulcanization of Chloroprene Rubber

Chloroprene rubber (CR) is a material classified as a specialist elastomer. The advantage of this elastomer is its increased flame resistance as it is related to the presence of chlorine atoms in the rubber main chain, which also influences the resistance to aging. Vulcanization is a chemical treatment method that involves the application of chemicals — usually sulphurs — to change the physical properties of rubber. Vulcanization at lower temperatures can be considered as a good alternative to lessen both investment and operation costs for cable insulation sheet and special purpose hose production lines. Rubber compounds were primed by using an internal mixer instead of an extrusion system which is extensively used for projected applications.

Uses of chemical in Retarding Vulcanization of Chloroprene

Although sulphur is the most common curing medium used in vulcanization, other chemicals used in the process include Metal oxides, Peroxide, Acetoxysilane, Urethane.

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